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3 years later: A visit to my inpatient rehab


I recently posted about getting to visit the rehab hospital I went to for 8 days after my Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE). I remember being so angry that I had to go. My well meaning cardiac nurse said I would be able to go home straight from the Cardiac Care Unit. So that is what I had in my head. I wanted to be home with my hubby and babies. I vaguely remember Dr. Freed walked into my room explaining given my therapy evaluations they were recommending I go to inpatient rehab. I remember telling him I don’t think I need to go to inpatient. To which Eli, my husband said “She’s going!”. He was right. 

Looking back I could hardly sit up in bed by myself. I surely couldn’t walk to the bathroom on my own.

As we drove up to the hospital, (ironically it’s the same hospital I delivered my first daughter at) I noticed the trees first. These were the first trees I saw after almost 3 weeks in the hospital. I remember being so excited to just be outside! This sounds silly, but I remember having one of my therapy sessions outside. We practiced walking on the roots of trees, the curbs, and trying to keep my balance while changing substrates. I didn’t realize this at the time, but this is a challenge for many brain injury survivors. 

We approached the valet and I texted my friend, Ashley who helped organize the meet up. 

We find out where we need to go, although my husband remembers. We exit the elevator and quickly see Ashley. We then go for a short walk around the clinic because the two therapists I am there to see are still with patients. We saw the bright orange car that I quickly recognized! I remember practicing getting in and out safely without increasing my pain. Next, we walked by the room I stayed in. By the time we arrived back in the cafeteria/gym Kelsie my previous physical therapist arrived. We sat and chatted about how my recovery is going, how kind she was to my then two year old, and what an amazing therapist she was to me. A few minutes later, Annie, my previous occupational therapist joined us. We chatted about organizing pills, what a light she was during that time, and chair races down the hallway. Although she didn't remember that, but said it sounded like something she would do! I can’t quite remember how it came up, but I mentioned remembering how my doctor Dr. Freed, put his picture on my bulletin board so I could remember his name. Each day he would walk in and strategically block the picture (so I couldn’t cheat) and ask me what his name was. Next, Ashley asked if I wanted to see him. I said of course! 

Dr. Freed walked up to us and recognized my husband’s beard. Everyone remembers the beard! We chatted for several more minutes but it was time for my therapist to scarf down some food before their next patients. 

It was amazing to see my previous therapist and doctor who helped me so much in those early days of my recovery!