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Anger? Is it a sin?


Anger. Is it righteous in the eyes of God? Is it good? Is it a sin?

God created all of our emotions. Even anger. 

Our bible study group is currently studying Jonah. This is my first time studying Jonah and I never realized how much anger comes up throughout the four chapters.

This week in particular I have really struggled with anger. 

We talked about possibly getting a dog that is a friend of my mom’s who is rehoming their golden retriever. We ultimately decided she was not a good fit for our home and where I am in my recovery.


I had an OMT session on Monday. The doctor warned me several times to drink a lot of water as I was going to be sore. Monday was ok, but it really hit Tuesday. Especially after 2 PT appointments. More anger.

I am feeling ready to drive on my own. With no adults in the car, but when I talked to Eli about it he said no because there is so much construction around our house. Even more anger!

Last night when trying to process these feelings, I was reflecting on my recovery. 

I was thinking about my sweet Coco, my AFE baby. For Claire’s first year of life, I was able to take her to work with me. When she was 15 months old, I became a stay at home mom. It was a beautifully sweet season. I want that for Coco too. Even more more anger!

Is it right for me to be angry about these things? The short answer is yes. But where it becomes sinful is when we outwardly yell or slam a door or pout because we am not getting my way.

The light of the gospel is God sees our anger. He enters in with us in our anger. 

And he beautifully holds space for our anger.

Snuggling with my Coco before school this morning