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Hospital day 31 homecoming!

Today was the day I got to go home to my family! I remember waking up that morning so incredibly excited. I only had one more speech therapy session to complete, then we would be on our way. I believe Eli showed up around 10 to pick me up and I was told we would leave around 11. After discharge I hugged my nurses goodbye and we headed to lunch. 

Eli and I were married at the Farmer’s Market in Winter Park (a suburb of Orlando). 

I was so confused when he pulled into the parking lot. “Aren’t we going to lunch?” I asked. Then he pulled out my rings and placed them back on my fingers; just as he had three years earlier. Then we went to the Coup (the best chicken place) for lunch and headed home. 

I remember the excitement building as we exited the highway and headed toward our neighborhood. Then, I saw familiar faces! As we pulled in, there were people lining the street all the way to our house. Our neighborhood is on the smaller side with only about 40 homes, but to see 40ish people with balloons, signs, and cheering all the way to our house was astounding. I still get emotional two years later because I was not expecting that. Our friend Dixie asked if I would like a few people to welcome me home. 

I certainly was not expecting 40! 

I then got out of the car, went around, said hello, and gave a hug to every single person. Our pastor prayed for us, Cynthia (our pastor's wife and worship leader) sang a homily, then I needed a nap. All the adventures and excitement of the day wore me out! Then I walked inside. Our foyer was completely filled with balloons! It brought such a smile to my face.