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Laura Fletcher, CD (DONA) Founder &  CEO of Selah Fertility 

Author of The Grace of Grief: Healing and Hope After Miscarriage

S. 2 E. 7 Laura Fletcher: Birth Trauma turned into the birth of Selah FertiLity

Laura Fletcher is just an outstanding, astonishing woman. I feel like everyone needs to know her! After a premature rupture of membranes, her first daughter was born at 35 weeks. She would go on to endure 10 years of secondary infertility, 4 miscarriages, and an obscene amount of medical gaslighting. After those miscarriages, she found a Reproductive Immunologist in New York. This doctor was an angel on Earth. Not only did he actually listen to his patient, he uncovered Laura’s autoimmune disorders, treated her silent endometriosis, and with the help of several other doctors Laura was able to stay pregnant and give birth in 2020. Tune in to hear how she turned her birth trauma into the birth of Selah Fertility!

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