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Hosptial Day 7 & 8 9.24.19 &9.25.19

9.24.19 9pm update:

Cathy rested for most of today. The bleeding from yesterday has gone down which is a huge answered prayer. Cathy has a surgery scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30 to hopefully close her chest. 

Her vitals are showing great improvements and showing signs that there is a possibility to be taken off of ECMO tomorrow, praise the Lord!

Aunt Jackie & Chloe Anne

9.25.19 4:45pm update:

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! They were able to remove ECMO and close Cathy’s chest today. Her heart is pumping on its own and her lungs are oxygenating her blood. She is still on a respirator until her lungs strengthen. 

During the surgery they discovered a blood clot that was blocking a main artery to the lower portion of Cathy’s body. 

Praise God for moving her surgery time up 4.5 hours. By doing so they were able to intervene and remove the clot earlier and their best vascular surgeon was able to perform the procedure. We are so thankful for His divine intervention. 

Please pray specifically that her kidneys and legs regain full function and are not affected by the clot. Pray for God’s peace to fill Cathy as she is waking up and help her to understand all that has happened so that she can rely on God’s strength for the journey ahead. Pray for Eli’s continued wisdom and perseverance as he makes decisions for his family and divides his time between home and the hospital. Praise God for answering our prayers today! 

Sisterly Love!