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S.3 E.10 Brittany Baker: Birth Trauma from a Doula's Perspective Pt.1

Today’s episode is extra special. Almost 5 years ago I became pregnant and knew I wanted to have a doula with my second daughter. Enter Brittany Baker. At the time Brittany was a student doula trying to become certified. This meant she needed to have 3 births under her belt in order to be certified. She agreed to take me on as a client as long as she could perform her checklist while I was in labor & postpartum. Little did either of us know what that decision meant at the time. For Brittany, it meant walking into another birth and walking out traumatized. For me, it meant she would be there for our family on what would be the hardest day of our lives. She even accompanied my daughter to the NICU and would take the first video of her cries after being extubated. Tune into this heartwarming episode to hear more!