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Hospital Day 12   9.29.19

5pm update

Cathy is continuing to show signs of improvement. They were able to help her into a chair to sit for a while. The hospital gave her a communicator board so that she is able to ask questions. She has used it to understand what happened and to better communicate her needs. We are so thankful she is awake, communicating, and here with us. 

The next hurdle is to get off of the ventilator.

 She is very eager to get it out, but she needs to pass a lung breathing test in order to do so. Please pray her lungs have strengthened enough so that a tracheotomy will not be necessary and the ventilator will finally be removed.

This day I remember someone coming in to tell me they wanted me to try sitting in the chair. This was a huge step in my recovery. At the time I definitely did not understand all that occurred in the last two weeks so I didn’t understand why sitting in a chair was such a big deal. Why did I need to use a hover chair? Shouldn’t walking to a chair be easy peasy? 

Once in the chair I could finally rest. 

While it was not as comfortable as the bed on some level but it felt good to move my body (even with assistance) and have a different view of the hospital room. If I remember correctly this was the first time I was able to look out the window. My room had a beautiful view! 

Aunt Joy