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Hospital Day 17 10.4.19

I remember waking up this day so excited for the day's events. I ate my breakfast and my nurses helped me get into my chair. I remember hearing a lot of commotion in the hallway and wanting to get up to see what was going on. Then my husband came to give me a kiss and a mask to wear and said ‘She’s here!’. I remember being so excited the anticipation was killing me. I was wiggling in my seat and tapping the armrests. I couldn’t sit still!  

Apparently as they were ready to come in she got hungry, then had a blowout. Perfect timing!

Then she came in. My baby! After 17 long days I was finally able to see my baby with my own two eyes. Claire, I would hope was excited to see me, but I think she was very confused and scared. Although she loved playing doctor wearing oversized masks and gloves. Our amazing friend Dixie came with Eli to help him and watch Claire. Eli knew she would get bored quickly and want to explore. This gave Eli and I a little time to ourselves with our new baby. We didn’t get our golden hour but in that moment our world was perfect!