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Hospital Day 1   9.18.19

 On September 18th, 2019 I think I woke up with contractions around 2am. 

I shared a snack with my baby girl and tried to get some more sleep. Around 7:30 I went to bible study because it was a Wednesday. I listened, wrote prayer requests in my journal and carried on with the day. I was in communication with my doula Brittany and when the contractions got harder she recommended a shower. 

“Shower felt amazing!” 

I texted her. Since contractions were remaining consistent we decided to drop off our first daughter at our pastor’s house and head to the hospital. My friend Krystal said I sat on her couch not seeming like a woman in labor. I was calm and seemed like my normal self. Next we headed to the hospital. 

We arrived around 4pm and were in triage until about midnight. 

Ready to go to the Hospital!