Welcome to birth trauma stories Podcast

S1. E. 14 Cathy Soteropoulos: PReeclampsia/HELLP & Infant loss Survivor

**Trigger Warning** Today’s episode describes some very hard to hear situations. We do not share this information to scare people. We share to bring awareness to various maternal complications and provide a space for people to share their story.  

Today we are joined by Cathy Soteropoulos. I met Cathy on Instagram when I saw a reel of her daughter Nola in the NICU. It just so happened that Nola was in the same NICU Chloe Anne was in and Cathy was staying at the same Ronald McDonald house that fed Eli when I got sick. I felt an instant connection with Cathy and knew we needed to be friends. Unfortunately, Nola grew her angel wings in April of 2022 at 6 months old. Tune in to find out how Cathy and her family are doing and how Cathy is living Nola’s journey!