Welcome to birth trauma stories Podcast

Holding space and finding light after Perinatal trauma

Season 1

Welcome to the Twinky Chronicles Podcast!!!! 

S1. E.1 Cathy Garrett & Christina Lundy

S.1 E.2 Cathy Garrett: Amniotic Fluid Embolism & Stroke Survivor

S.1 E.3 Miranda Klassen:

Amniotic Fluid Embolism Survivor

S.1 E.4 Cara Strange: A Devastating Perineal Tear Leads to Postpartum OCD

S.1 E.5 Sarah Penazter: Labor & Delivery Nurse and AFE Survivor

S.1 E.6 Carson Ragan: Ob2Me

S.1 E 7 Amy Weschler: First time Mom

S.1 E.8 Courtney Johnson: 

AFE Survivor

S.1 E.9 Latoya Murray-Johnson: Owner of Doula View, LLC.

S.1 E.10 Christina Lundy: 

NICU Momma & Uterine Rupture Survivor

S.1 E.11 Jenny Lundy: 

Maternal Advocate

S.1 E.12 Rachel Hough: 

Formula vs. Nursing vs. Donation

S.1 E.13 Dr. Umberto Napoletano, D.O.: Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy

S.1 E.14 Cathy Soteropoulos: PReeclampsia/HELLP & Infant loss Survivor

S.1 E.15 Heather Goodbread: Safesleep

S.1 E.16 Bethany Emerson: 

Snack dispenser

S1. E.17 Raven Schneider: 

Postpartum Depression

S.1 E.18 Delandra Venson: 

Doula Agency

S.1 E.19 Rachel Lootens: 

Foster Mom

S.1 E.20 Rachel Groves: 

Motherhood & Stroke Recovery

S.1 E.21 Pastor Chris Lewis: 

NICU Journey

S.1 E.22 Jeannie Stokes: 

Beauty in Surrender: Our Non-Adoption Story

S.1 E.23 Amber Woody: 

Journey through Infertility, Adoption, & High Risk Pregnancy

S.1 E.24 Annie Funkhouser

Retained Placenta & Sepsis

S.1 E. 25 Kelsey Blackmon: 

Redemptive Birth

S.1 E.26 Ana Johnston: 

Young Motherhood, Finding Joy in Changed Plans

S.1 E.27: Season 1 Finale