Welcome to birth trauma stories Podcast

What #BTAW Means to Me 

by Stefanie Bryning

Birth Trauma Awareness Week, to me, is never forgetting. 

Never forgetting what could have been, and how far I’ve come.

It doesn’t always have to be hard to think of, or talk about. I think we too often take our experiences and allow them to shape us. Instead, let’s celebrate the women who have been through hell and continue to push forward! Let’s celebrate our stories, knowing that we were chosen to share them. To share so that other women can know it’s OKAY to tell our nurses, doctors, husbands and midwives when we don’t feel comfortable or don’t feel right! 

Let’s prevent, or even stop these situations from continuing to happen because EVERY WOMAN knows how to stand up and speak out when we feel something is happening to us.

I knew that I didn’t feel ok after my C Section, and I said something. And up until they put me out for my emergency hysterectomy, I felt more scared than I’ve ever felt in my life. But even after 2 weeks in a coma and life support, 10 surgeries, learning to hold my baby, learning to walk over months, and still having pain and balance issues with a non working foot; I refuse to let that define me.

I am a survivor! I will not quit! I will never stop sharing my story of hope, perseverance and Gods grace!

That is what this week means to me.

Scott and Stefanie Bryning